Practical Ideas for Crazy Times

New episode every Tuesday morning (through May 26) at 10am Eastern (11am Atlantic)


There are 100 participants (max) available per session. 

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New episode every Tuesday morning (through May 26) at 10am Eastern (11am Atlantic)

These are crazy times.

It’s crazy to watch the rapid changes to daily life as a member of society.

And it’s even crazier to watch the almost instant changes in the world of business.

Revenues are dropping to unprecedented levels.  For some industries, revenue is approaching zero.

Expenses are stubbornly persistent at the same time, and businesses are scrambling to reset them to a new normal.

Margins are under unprecedented pressure.

Key white-collar employees now must work at home, and many traditional businesses are really struggling to operate in a virtual fashion.

Businesses that had strong cash flow statements one month ago are looking for emergency bridge loans

To make things worse, it is becoming clear that the coronavirus pandemic is going to leave its mark on the world of business. 

The challenge that we’re all facing is – what is this going to mean for my business? How do I need to respond?

This crisis is going to serve as a trigger for much transformation and innovation. 

Companies are being forced to work online like never before. 

Companies are finding new digital ways to operate to survive.

And leading companies are already finding ways to become stronger, and to build their next set of opportunities from this disaster.

There is no going back to the old operating models once coronavirus is in hand.

We know, as we are experiencing rapid change in our own businesses.

Andy Buyting is a life-long entrepreneur who started his first business at age 17.

After scaling his own company, he became a Certified Scaling Up Business Coach in 2010, and in that role he helps other companies across North America scale leveraging the Four Decision framework around Strategy, Execution, People and Cash.

Andy is also a partner in Tulip Media Group, a digital and print marketing agency that provides very unique SEO and content marketing services for companies across North America.

Scott MacIntosh has spent 24 years working with companies to improve their results by adding technology. 

Most recently, Scott was a partner in Deloitte Consulting focusing on digital solutions, after they acquired his company SwiftRadius Inc. in 2015.

Scott has recently launched his newest business, Second Spring Digital Inc., to help companies with rapid adoption of digital solutions.

We know that you need ideas you can act on, and fast.

To help with that, we are facilitating a series of webinars called ‘Practical Ideas for Crazy Times’. 

This will be a series of one-hour sessions on topics you care about right now.

1)      Managing Cash Flow

2)      Leading Your Team

3)      Protecting Revenue

4)      Optimizing Margins

Each session will be jam packed with practical insights, approaches you can use, free tools, and the ability to contact the experts we interview for more information.

We are conducting these sessions as we know that many people are looking for practical ideas that they can implement – either right now, or in coming days as the new rules of engagement in your marketplace become clearer.

These sessions are totally free and carry no obligation for attendees.

Each presenter is qualified to help businesses in the area they are speaking to – however you will not see a sales pitch.  There will be a way for you to follow-up with presenters if you so choose.

This will be a full hour on relevant topics and focused on providing attendees with the highest value possible for the hour invested.  

We know you are very busy during these trying times, and we will not waste your time.

The conversations will cover these 9 topics.

1) March 31 - Cash - "Cash is King – Conserving Cash in Tough Times" (Completed - Recording Available)

2) April 7 - Cost Reduction – "A Dollar Saved Is Many Dollars Earned" (Completed - Recording Available)

3) April 14 - People & Culture – "Strengthening Your Team During a Crisis" (Completed - Audio Available)

4) April 21 - Protecting Revenue – "Moving Sales Online: How To Reach People Leveraging Keyword Strategy & PPC" (Completed - Recording Available)

5) April 28 - Efficiency is Margin – "Work Remotely, and Effectively" (Completed - Recording Available)

6) May 5 - Protecting Revenue – "E-Commerce: How Any Business Can Successfully Sell Online" (Completed - Recording Available)

7) May 12 - Efficiency is Margin – "Stop 'Swivel Chair' Data Entry" (Completed - Recording Available)

8) May 19 - Efficiency is Margin – "Shred your Paper-Based Processes" (Completed - Recording Available)

9) May 26 - Grow and Thrive – "Leading Business in the new Digital World" (Completed - Tools Available)

Individual sessions will be available for sign-up, subject to our limits of 100 webinar participants.

We want you to be able to take action in your business.

As a participant, you will receive the following for each session.

1) Full webinar participant access

2) The ability to submit live questions

3) A recording, transcript and summary of the session

4) Links to additional resources

5) All free tools from the webinar

6) Ability to contact the presenter for more information

7) Priority access to any new sessions we may add

There are 100 participants (max) available per session. 

This is a hard limitation due to the platform configuration we are using. This webinar series is highly anticipated, and seats are allocated on a first-come, first-served basis.  This will fill up fast.

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